Underland, 3.6m w x 2m h

Jane Gillings and I were commissioned by Brookfield to create an artwork for their office that uses only their office waste as a material. It is an initiative designed, not only to brighten up their work place, but to start a dialogue with staff about mindful consumption and waste disposal.

Over a couple of months Jane and I have worked on and off (and we still are!) to create an reef like wonderland with detailed, imagined marine forms created from office waste that includes: coffee cups, keyboards, milk bottles, binder spirals and cover sheets, cables, telephones and other packaging.

Jane and I swim everyday we are together so have a mutual appreciation of underwater habitats and the sensations they arouse in us. Our underwater landscape composition was inspired by the incredible photography of Helen Walne. Check her out on Instagram, her work is amazing and so inspiring.

This collaboration was made possible my Ambush Gallery and will be installed at their offices in King St, Sydney CBD at the end of March 2020.

Jane and I are getting noticeably more commissions from companies such as Brookfield who are trying to get on board sustainability action for the planet. As such we’ve decided to call ourselves the Bower Birds.

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