Site visit + other research

My work is no where near finished but it’s usually a good idea to visit your site a couple of times during production to make sure your on the right track. It’s always surprising how the landscape dwarfs most sculptures.  I have selected a small cave in the natural rock face to site my work for this years sculpture By The Sea at Bondi. In this position it is framed by the rock and will take on a Holy Grail or Philosopher’s Stone type of feeling.Once coated in aged bronze the polished highlights should tie in nicely with the natural rock colours.

I found this article on what exactly is the Holy Grail? very good.  The Bronze Age is also something I am interested in understanding at the moment.  It came a long way before the first mention of “Un Graal” 1100AD and the Philosopher’s Stone 300AD.  What I find most interesting about the Bronze Age is it’s collapse:

“Scholars believe a combination of natural catastrophes may have brought down several Bronze Age empires. Archaeological evidence suggests a succession of severe droughts in the eastern Mediterranean region over a 150-year period from 1250 to 1100 B.C. likely figured prominently in the collapse. Earthquakes, famine, sociopolitical unrest, and invasion by nomadic tribes may also have played a role.”



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