Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi, 2017

Sea Through (working title)

This year I will be creating a site specific work for a distinctive section of the iconic Bondi to Tamara coastal walk.  Right at the beginning of the walk, near the Icebergs and below the end of Notts Ave, are 2 holes in the rock face.  They have eroded, over gawd knows how long, in an eerily regular way.  They are both roughly the same size, almond shape and the right distance apart so as to look like a pair of eyes.

“Sea Through” is about grief, beauty and the fragile state of the oceans below the surface.

I will be creating this work by essentially french knitting tears from blue pearls and enabling them to cling onto the rock face and pool on the path below.  I have never done anything like this before so once again I will be on a steep learning curve!

Please get in touch if you have any blue beads that you wouldn’t mind donating to the cause.  I hope to use as many second hand beads as possible and tap into the collaborative element of the previous works that was always so successful.

Wish me luck :) !

Photoshop render of Sea Through sculpture concept

Initial concept draft

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