A collaboration with Jane Gillings, commissioned by Brookfield Sydney, and facilitated by Ambush Gallery.

This work was an initiative of Brookfield’s push for sustainability. General office waste was collected for us over a period of a few months and delivered fortnightly.  Lots of coffee cup, stationery, e waste, etc

Using these materials, highlights the environmental issues associated with their disposal, particularly plastic, and aims to awaken the audience to their own contribution to this problem.

As regular swimmers and surfers, both artists share a love of the ocean and a concern for marine habitats, which bear the brunt of global plastic pollution. This artwork was partly inspired by their local snorkelling spot as well as the underwater photography of Helen Walne, who is a free diver in South Africa and shares her work on Instagram.

Interesting to think that this work would be very unlikely to happen now, in a post COVID world.

All photos by Enzo Amato.