Pixel Premise

Acrylic and timber

5m x 6m x 1m h

Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba, Blue Mountains, 2016


Pixel Premise reflects anxiety of a digital future in which nature is increasingly experienced through a digital lens and via a fragmented media stream.

The irony being that it will only continue to exist in this very form.

The work is comprised of 220 mirror tiles installed on the forest floor of the Jamieson Valley to reflect the canopy and snippets of the sky in kaleidoscopic complexity. The mirrors spread out like a pretty fungi, from the edges of a disintegrating fallen tree. And to accommodate the idiosyncratic Lyre Birds, each tile is elevated on a thin, central stake approx. 1m high.

“Solitude in the presence of natural beauty and grandeur, is the cradle of thoughts and aspirations which are not only good for the individual, but which society could do ill without.” Philosopher Johns Stuart Mills