Landscape Painitngs

Plywood, dimensions variable.  from 10cm – 120cm W and 5cm-90cm H

Acrylic paint and polyurethane resin

Having holidayed at Avoca Beach as a child we then lived there, in the same house, for a while when my kids were babies.  The house was built by my grandfather in 1946.  Over the years I have become very attached to the place; the lake, the ocean and the vegetation that grows in the very salty, windy and sandy environment.  When we moved back to Sydney, painting the landscape became a way for me to deal with my sadness of having to leave. I always begin a painting by opening the numerous sketchbooks I filled when I lived there and continue to fill when I visit.  I then work with a restricted palette, borrowing from the aesthetic of hand coloured B&W photographs to summons memory and the wistful sense of time passing.