My favourite #selfiesculptures

Read about my concept and inspiration for #selfiesculpture and to see other peoples photos.

The images taken at night, and staring me, were taken by Geoff Magee when went out to Bondi together to play dress ups in #selfiesculpture.  The first few images are of people who happened to be there still playing in the box.  Little did they know they were engaged in the enduring question “what is art? and what is the role of the artist?”…  My intention for the photoshoot was to dress up as what I see as the main versions of in a nut shell.  Plus a few added nude Venus shots of my great friend and artist Jane Gillings, just for fun.

  • Domestic Goddess or raging mother with dust buster having just trodden on another piece of lego.
  • Office working
  • Yogi and meditator
  • Artist or Venus
  • Wannabe roller derby queen
  • Ocean swimmer and explorer
  • Party podcast chick