Materials Discarded electrical cables (outer) dicarded plastic pallets (inner).

Dimensions 90cm h x 75cm w x 80cm w

Suppported by The Australia Council for the Arts for the production of new and innovative work (Thank you! :)


Furball was created for Sculpture By The Sea, Cottesloe, 2018. It is a comment on the trappings of now.

Shaped like a lump of coal it is created entirely from discarded black electrical cables.  Many of which were thrown out without ever have being used.  The work invites the question in the audience “There must be another way?”

Positioned on The groyn at Cottesloe amongst the large granite boulders it appears as though spat out by the sea.

It’s dark and complex aesthetic implies something sinister and very hard to untangle or decode.

It took me many weeks of hand breaking work to mindfully retangle the wires with such density.  At many stages it felt like a 3D drawing not dissimilar to the process drawings of Sol Lewitt; a simple and repetitive action (based on a few simple rules) is performed so many times that the result is an unknown and visually complex outcome.