2150 mm x 1250mm x 1250mm

Electrical cables, nickel, steel, cement.

I am interested in organic visual complexity as a result of simple repetition. What I create through 1000s of hours of re-tangling cables is similar to the visual effects found in nature, including fractals.  For example, when you look at a large vista of the Australian bush, it is infinitely different yet at once all the same.

Eclipse is can be seen as a lens through which to imagine our digital and environmental futures. A place where the handmade has inherent value and time is a commodity.

The circle, as a shape, is felt to symbolise so many things across cultures: Planets, orbits, circle of life, a lens, karma and so on.  The cables represent so much too: Power, waste, excess, progress, digital transformation, wifi etc  and the tangle technique creates an intriguing form that is stuck, immovable, unsolvable and inflexible.

I’ll stop there for the time being….