Working hard

self portrait sketch of the artist


“The mystery of Art is that it makes us one” Bill Henson, Credo, Monthly Magazine

Lucy Barker is a contemporary artist and designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Barker’s art practice is concerned with the relationship between our digital and physical worlds and focuses on where the two meet. She draws on observations of social and environmental change as a result of the digital revolution. Play and materiality are an important part of her design process, often arriving at works that involve the audience in non traditional ways and spaces. Barker’s work is characterised by its playfulness and accessibility, both conceptually and visually. She adapts materials and methods that work in unison with her ideas to create work that speaks on many levels to a wide audience.

Lucy Barker’s professional background spans advertising, graphic design, art direction, copywriting and online content development. Having received training in traditional oil painting in Florence, Italy, Barker completed a design degree in Visual Communications (honours), in Sydney and is currently completing a Masters degree in Digital Design.

She has exhibited in Sculpture By The Sea 10 times between 2009-2018, twice at Cottesloe and this year will be her eighth time showing at Bondi. See Lucy’s CV for a more detailed look at her exhibition history.