Artist talks, 10am Oct 28th, 2pm Nov 5th


If you are interested in hearing the concept behind my work and the story behind it’s creation please come along to one of the 2 artist talks I will be doing for Sculpture By The Sea this year.  They will take place in Marks Park at Bondi Beach beside my work at the following times:

  • 10am Oct 28th
  • 2pm Nov 5th

Here’s a taste of what it means to me:

“Bye Gone is a continuation of my sculptural practice in that it exists somewhere between our digital and physical worlds. It’s comprised of a 9 sandstone elements assembled as if ancient ruins belonging to a lost civilisation; the graveyard of another era.

Each of the sandstone blocks are shaped in the proportions of an app found on our smart phones and tablets and inscribed with oversized emoji – front and back. The tomb-like stones are positioned as if once ordered and aligned like dominos, ready to fall. The emoji themselves are chosen to reflect the anxiety and impotence many of us feel in the face of population growth and climate change and the social unrest to which they contribute.

Bye Gone Empire takes a back-to-the-future look at our society, using contemporary communication tools and ancient materials to allude to the possible repercussions of a culture of anxiety and inaction.”

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